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10 facts about dogs

You might love your canine companion tons and it might be always that sweet, little pup for you; but ever considered knowing them more deeply, somethings which they might never be able to express, yet they feel. So let us explore some zestful facts about our canine companions:

  • That one year old pup you might consider so cute and fragile, get a hold on! For a year-old pup is as physically mature as a 15-year old human.


  •  Everyone must know that dogs have a brilliant sensory system of smell which comes in aid  in various fields. When compared to human beings, dog’s sense of smell is upto 1million  times stronger than a human’s.


  •  And not just the smell power, dogs are also known to have better sense of hearing too. they can hear upto 4 times better and clearer than humans.


  •  Dogs are masters when it comes to feelings and emotions. They have bundles of it  greatly equivalent to a human. Dogs have been known to be very jealous when their love and  care gets shared by their loved ones.


  • Dogs can also sense feelings. They know when you feel happy or saddended and depressed. This special charm of their makes them excellent therapy animals and are used to cure mentally disabled people.


  •  Dogs have great vision even at night through their whiskers which pick up even the slightest movement in air and their surroundings. This allows the dogs to be very cautious even at night.


  • Dogs are very punctual beings and have a great sense of time. They know whats in routine for them at what time. So they know their dinner time and also miss you if your absence might prolong.


  •  Dogs have also been known to sense chronic diseases and those unknown to humans way before the doctor finds it out. They express it through their strange behavior towards the sick person and can even detect cancer and other deadly diseases.


  • Dogs wagging their tail does not always imply that they are happy. Research has shown that a right wagging might indicate their happy modd, while a left wagging might indicate that they are pretty nervous. A low wagging casts off their insecurity and rapid movements might forecast aggression.


  •  You might have heard that whimpering sound of your dog in their deep slumber. Well, your dog is dreaming!! Just as human beings, dogs have been known to dream and research says that small dogs dream more than the big ones.

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One thought on “10 facts about dogs

  1. I had no idea that a one year old dog could be as physically mature as a 15-year-old human. That is because I thought that one dog year was worth seven human years. If that is true, then how is it still that mature at only one?

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