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10 smartest dog breeds in the world – Do you have any of them?

Dogs are one of the most intelligent creations of God, yet they also vary when it comes to their IQ levels.Let us have a look at some of the smartest breeds out there in stock

Border Collie

Highly energetic and intelligent breed, they make excellent work and home companions. Owing to their high energy levels, they are well-suited with owners who are complementary to their active regime. One finds Collie to be well-behaved and exceptionally good at learning which marks up to it being the top on the smartest dogs list.


Extremely sharp-minded and easily trainable, Poodle makes it to being the most comfortable breed to live with. The breed is known to excel at training and obedience classes and also involves actively in creative playtime; hence it has been used as circus performer since decades.

German Shepherd

The sole reason for breeding German Shepherd has been its level of intelligence. They are known to be smart,chivalrous and protective, Shepherds are most dependable companions. They are quick learners and hence, are actively involved into fields like army and defense. They are often used as guard dogs, police and search and rescue dogs and have even been trained by military for parachute jumps.

 Golden Retriever

Very affectionate breed, they are highly rewarded for their intelligence. They have the capacity to learn multiple commands and make lovable home as well as workplace companions.

Doberman Pinscher

Considered to be one of the most famous guard dogs, they are recognized by their ferocity and fearlessness. They are specially trained to be war and police dogs owing to their acumen.

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Shetland Sheepdog

A famous herding dog, they show great efficiency when it comes to herd protection. They are also very lovable breed and show great devotion to their family members.

 Labrador Retriever

It is the most famous breed chosen as family companion and is best known for its intellect and gentle appearance. They also top search and rescue operations and serve great as police dogs. Labradors have also been known to serve as rehabilitation dog to bring people out from depression state of mind.


People are generally deceived by its cute,butterfly-eared appearance; but deep within is a chivalrous dog which serves as a true companion and a good watchdog as well.they come in little-box easily trainable package.


They are a true working companion and have been famously used as guard and police dogs. They are well known for their courage, unbeatable loyalty and great endurance.

Australian Cattledog

A famous herding dog, its qualities include exceptional intelligence,alertness and fiercely protective disposition to serve as a true,loyal companion. The cattle dog is very organized and many are known to never put up a mess while playing.

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