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5 strong reasons to be a “Cat Person”

We all love pets and Cats are one such adorable creatures people all around the world are keen keepers of. Cats meaoww and they purr and we just love them the way they are. Here we jot down five reasons why cats make a perfect pet partner:

  •  you love to laze around your house, then cat is that perfect pet for you. Your kitty will never force you out for a walk or a stroll as it itself loves to drool around in any cosy corner of your house. Hence, it would save your time and energy as well.
  • Cats are very sensitive creatures and will not react aggressively unless pushed too much into that. They groom the children of the house to be more compassionate and loving. They are also very tolerant beings and require gentle handling and tenderness.
  • You can amaze yourself at the poise and gracefulness a kitty possesses. Cats are beautiful caretures and are very elegant and beautiful to watch. You look into their eyes and you get lost.
  •  One such hygiene-freak you name and in mind comes the “kitty”. Cats love to keep themselves clean from head to toe and hence, one always finds a clean pet living indoors with no overhead of mess around the house.
  • Cats are known to shower bundles of love and care on their loved ones. There is nothing compared to the warmth of a kitty rolled up on your lap and the one sleeping next to you. You look at their cute,little face and you fall in love with it all over again.

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