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Cattle Compassion

It’s a common sight in India to spot cattle littering around the corners of every lane including cows,buffaloes,goats and even dogs and cats; which we normally designate the term “stray animals”.We always tend to consider them just any being roaming around in search of food and shelter who shall by any terms survive.

Sometimes, out of compassion and in India, more by tradition we offer them some food to wave off any bad events from our lives; that is how our minds have been wired into. If in India animals are do considered to be forms of gods, then why not give them a life as comfortable as ours.Why make them suffer just on the pretext they are filthy,stray animals and they will survive anyhow. It is high time that we outlive such obsolete norms and join in hands together to conserve and be kind to such strays too. Just a few small tips to make their lives a step closer to heaven:

  •  how stray animals that you care by bestowing them with small acts of kindness and care.
  •  Small acts of kindness like sprinkling a hot, dry area around your house with a little water to keep it cool in the summer heat and leaving out water in trays for birds, dogs and cows to drink from could go a long way.
  •  Try doing your bit by providing them shelter,if possible, so that they would not have to roam around in search for food and home.
  • Ensure that they are not treated with cruelty; teach your children the importance of being compassionate to all living beings.
  • If you see a stray injured or unwell and are scared to tend to it, call the animal help services immediately and stay close until they arrive.
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