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Pug, the cutest of them all

Those who have Pugs as a pet can easily relate to the following reasons for calling them the cutest and the best dog breed ever. Let us have a look at some:

  •  Don’t they simply look adorable when they look into your eyes!! That “Aww” comes automatically from your mouth and you cant help but simply give the pug that look filled with love. They simply melt away your heart.
  •  Pugs are known to be self-entertainers and yes, in the process they would entertain and amuse you as well. One can just go round mad and amused by their nasty activities which seem too sweet to get harsh on them. They are extremely comic creatures and you can laugh out your heart in their company.

  •  They do something wrong which they might be aware of; they find ways to say sorry. They are hell guiltful creatures and would come with such ways to ask for forgiveness that you might end the fight with them,no matter what!
  •  No one can ignore their awsome appearance with annoyed eyes and an always-frowning face; yet imparting sweetness to die for. That wrinkled appearance might give you some thoughts, but once they come up to you, one cant help but adore them completely.
  •  Extremely homely creatures, pugs are best suited pets to raise up with your kids. Kids love their company and they in return would keep your child all jelled-up and jolly. It’s a good notion to raise your kids in a healthy environment, especially with a good pet.
  •  Come what may, Pugs are really that photogenic creatures. You simply cant get their click wrong. They give it their best shot!!
  •  You want to cuddle over and cannot find find a better place, go cuddle up your Pug. They are these small,soft bundle of fur and joy to take away all your stress and give you the inner peace.
  •  Innate to the man’s best friend is their loyal nature which abounds them to serve their  loved ones and yet being small, they can still fight for their human mates.


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