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How to identify your dog’s behaviour

Deciphering your dog’s emotions. Emotions which your dog might want you to look into:Dogs and other animals cannot speak for themselves and we so wish that how better the world would have been if they too conveyed their thoughts and emotions to us. Humans look for ways of communication mostly through words, but your dog has those methods of making a conversation with you which one might not have wondered about. 

One can simply decode their feelings through a close obsevation into their expressions and behaviour. Let us peek into some of the common forms of messages they might try to convey about which we might be completely unaware of:



Happy DogImage Source :


The key to their healthy life. A dog is one such being whose core of happiness lies only in the amount of love and care bestowed upon. The common signs of a dog being in a happy state is the wagging of their tails, with which the whole body might sway along. That deep look into their eyes imparting gentleness. Their actions are more soft and tangle-free with relaxed ears and a well-puffed body. A happy dog is much more playful and would like you to dedicate your time into playing around with them. They also like to roll on their backs and welcome hugs and strokes from you to entertain them well. If your dog simple lays beside you for a while with his/her head on your lap; it is a true sign that your’s is a truly cherished company for him/her.




Excited Dog

Image Source : Reddit

Highly active and energetic at times; they might simply want you to go wild playing with them. They go mad sprinting around the area, indulging you into repeated playful activities; they completely become a bundle of pure joy. They even spin in circles and wag their tail madly in excitement.

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Scared dog

Image Source : Youtube

Fear in dogs mostly comes in a package of guilt or shame. Dogs are playful,notorious characters and sometimes in the heat of their excitement they might damage certain commodities of the household to which we might react negatively to the poor creature. The reaction of fear observed in a dog is that they would simply hold down close to the ground with pinned ears and tail tucked in between their legs. But indeed dogs have also been observed to behave differently when strangers are concerned; they might not express the fear they have and might outcast them being ready to face the fight.




Dog in pain

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The whining of the dog says it all. Experts say that whining might be due to the anxiety reasons as well, but if the problem persists for a prolonged period, it is vital to make a call to the vet to know about the cause of pain.




Sad Dog

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Indeed dogs too can be in a state of depression which gets reflected in their lack of interest in their daily chores of work and fun. Changes in appetite ansd sleeping patterns are also alarming signs of depression in dogs. At such low times, they might simply not indulge actively and might confine themselves to corners of the house lying down or sleeping for longer hours without any physical exertion.




Alert Dog

Image Source : Google

The tails with its height reaching the max is an indication that the dog is alert of the surroundings. Erect ears are a definite sign for the same accompanied with faster pants and enlightened eyes.

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