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Celebrities and their lovely pets Pet Talk 

Celebrities and their love for pets

The Bollywood stars have their lives sparked up with limelight and glamour. We might presume them to be bundles of arrogant people who think just for their profession and to become famous. But instances of the stars with their super cute and caring encounters with their pets and stray animals have changed the perspective into a more broadened aspect.

Many leading stars have been seen posting super adorable images with their pets and also come into news for supporting the noble cause of animal welfare. Let us have a look at some of the stars who have touched people’s heart with their compassion for animals:

Salman Khan

Salman Khan with his dogsImage Source : Cineshowbiz

A generous person as he his, he has always given examples to show love and affection to animals. He himself has two massive French Mastiffs whom he has named “MySon and MyJaan”- a name holding in its depth the love he has for them. It was recently that he lost his dear pet “Veer” for which pictures of his mourning went viral.


Akshay Kumar

akshay kumar with his dog

Image Source :

As he quotes:”dogs are where the heart is”; an avid dog lover, he is known to be crazy about dogs. A recent film of his titled “Entertainment” saw his affection and love for the dog with whom he says he has bonded for life. He himself had three pet dogs-two German Shepherds and a Golden Retreiver. One of the older German Shepherds named Okie recently died due to which Akshay Kumar’s son went into a state of remorse. It was a tough time for the whole family as well.


Randip Hooda

Randeep hooda with his dog

Image Source :

When asked for the love of his life; he has a one syllable word to express his love-and they are “animals”. He recently adopted nine horses from an animal shelter. Pictures of him with stray dogs have always made news as he shows his love for the strays more than the pedigree breeds. His pet dog is a stray named “Candy” whom he picked up from the streets.Moreover, whenever he has time of his own he spends that with his horses in which he finds complete solace.

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Sooraj Pancholi

Suraj Pancholi with his dogs

Image Source : twitter

A house filled with as many as 7 dogs where they reside more than the humans, one can imagine the kind of love that exists in the arena. Them with 4 being stray dogs, Sooraj takes care of all of them as his babies as he personally takes them for strolls and veterinary check-ups. As one of his dreams, he wishes to open a hospital for the dogs.


Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Khemu

Kunal Khemu with his dogs

Image Source :

The couple bound by their mutual love for dogs share such adorable pictures of them. The couple have three pet dogs at their home named :Masti,Misthi and Namkin, true Indian names as they promote adoption of pure Indian breeds.


Imran Khan

Imran Khan with his dogs

Image Source :

An animal lover as he is, he has as many as 5 cats and a pet dog whom he adopted from the streets. The actor has shown his true love for animals by purchasing a few acre lands on the outskirts of Mumbai to open an animal shelter to take of stray dogs. He is joined into this noble cause by his wife and mother.


Arjun Rampal

arjun rampal with his dogs

Image Source :

In possession of two lovely pets-Tyson and Demi, the actor has treated them like his first-born- children as they have moulded his life into maturity and filled it with meaning. An ardent dog lover, the actor emphasises on proper treatment of pets and also rescue and life upliftment for the strays.

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