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How to take care of your and pet other street animals this monsoon.

Its with the advent of Monsoons that brings utter joy and happiness into the lives of Indians. Adding cons to it, the rainy season also serves as breeding grounds for water-borne diseases and hygiene issues. As vital it is for Humans, It also becomes very important to take proper care of the animals as well who suffer pretty much to the same extent as us(sometimes even more!).Animals call for special care during rainy season as they get prone to various hygiene issues and diseases.

Let us ponder over how to take proper care of the pets and the animals around to keep them safe and at the sametime give them the flavour of the season :

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Keep them dry as much as possible.

Owing to their thick fur, animals tend to dry up very slowly which might serve as residing grounds to various diseases. The viruses thrive on moist,warm areas and hence, wet surfaces are a magnet to multifold allergies.

Take care of virals and flu

Our pets too might be sensitive to the altering weather and hence, if noticed any sight of viral and flu-like symptoms; proper care must be infested upon. One must also get their pets vaccinated for water-borne diseases, to increase their immunity.

Proper Hygiene

It is the most important parameter to be achieved during the monsoons; as it readily invites infections if not paid attention to. Regular baths with antiseptics from a preferred brand should be implemented to maintain hygiene and health. Ticks and fleas also needs to be taken care of to keep the pets disease-free.

Proper diet

Dietary issues during rainy season might be a concern. Animals tend to suffer from gastrointestinal issues due to bacterial infection during such times. Try to provide the pets with fresh food items rather than the packed ones to avoid any issues.

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We do make it a point to take special care of our pets. But there are animals out there, homeless and unguided about how to face the threat of the rainy weather. It must be as an individual our responsibility to provide them the equivalent love and care to help them easily wave off the wet season.

Provide them shed

If there is any vacant space on the front porch of your house or parking area; kindly provide the poor homeless animals shed during the heavy rains as they might have nowhere to go. They also tend to get sick as they get thoroughly wet during the rains only because they do not get any shelter to hide given the fact that people tend to wave off such stray animals.

Provide them food and water

Stray animals in search of food and water tend to get sick due to contaminated food and water. Be kind enough to provide food and water at certain intervals to the animals nearby to aid them survive the weather.

Be considerate

Be humane and if you spot an animal getting all drenched in the rain, kindly try to lure them with food into safe premises. Advise other people too to not wave off such homeless creatures considering this as a noble deed of God.


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