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Few easy ways to teach your dog For Pet Owners 

Few easy ways to teach your dog not to create a mess in the house while you are gone

Its a common sight for pet owners to find their home in a bundle of mess when they return back from a day out leaving their pets alone at home. Nontheless, their love would never cease, yet it becomes recommendatory to avoid and mend such behaviour of the pets. Its instinctive in them to behave wildly in excitement and all our efforts to domesticise them goes in vain. Let us have a look at some of the easy ways through they can be addressed and taught proper ways

 Chew Like Chewing-gum

Dog chewing

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Their favourite part of the daily chores; to chew up anything they find chewable(or not even so). The danger spots are pillows,cables,books and dresses. But ever considered the real reason behind it, which could be the vitmain deficiency in your pet. Consider taking your pet to the vet and giving it proper care regarding the same. To keep your stuff at a safer side, give out toys which they can chew upon and not pose danger to themselves too.


Reach out of their “Jaws”

Rwach out for jaws

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Try to keep vulnerable items far from their reach as much as possible. However, that too can be achieved by a good spring. So keep them enclosed in tight sections whose lids are tightly packed.


 Pee-pee on your stuff

dog peeing

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Most common and favourite on their list, pets like to pee and poo especially on your dear stuff as if they can sense that. We do train them to do this daily chore outside the home premises, but if that goes out of control for them , they might end up doing right there itself. It could be health reasons as they might suffer from loose motions. Visit the vet for the same. Also, phychological reasons might be involved too as they might do so mark their territory too. One can soak towel in the pet’s urine and use the cloth in the desired area where one would want the pet to pee.

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Dog scratching

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Hellsome irritating and annoying, yet a part of their lives. Again to mark their area and leave their scent; never allow them to enjoy the luxury of a couch if you want it to last for long. Assign them a different place to do the same so that they eventually get used to it. Also keep their nails trimmed to avoid the same.


Create their own-space

Dog space

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Mark their space which is very friendly and comfortable for them. One can crate them to seclude them from the rest of the house and yet let them enjoy their novelties. This makes the pet more composed and calm.



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