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Few Tips for First Time Dog Owners For Dog Lovers Pet Talk 

Few Tips for First Time Dog Owners

Are you bringing your paw-friend for the first time at your home? Is this your first time with your cute, little friend? Most of the first-time dog owners usually panic while bringing home their new pet. However, with some useful tips, one can really make it a fun experience with the sweet puppy which has just arrived at your home. It must be your sole responsibility to make the pup comfortable at the new premise. Do have a look at some helpful tips Make it feel comfortable

As new you might find it for yourself, remember it is the first time for your pet as well. It has come to a completely new place, knowing no one and completely unaware of how to react. So do make it sure to make the pet comfortable instead of creating havoc at your home.

Make everything ready in advance

Bringing a puppy home is similar to raising a human baby. So, one must be well-prepared before hand to keep things secure. One should make a list of all the ingredients one would need from puppy diapers to sleeping couches; in order to make the new member feel comfortable at home.

Create a schedule

To ease out the pressure, make a proper schedule regarding the puppy’s meals, refreshments and playful time. Ensure that these activities occur on a regular schedule throughout the day in order to make the pet disciplined from quite an early age.

Don’t create a crowd

Your pup is not an antique piece to show off to everyone. Remember they are very fearful of the new situations and might become more frightened when more crowd comes up. Try to keep them among the family members only in the initial weeks.

Make frequent visits to the Vet

Since you must be new at pet grooming, try visiting the vet frequently to keep a record on the pup’s health on a regular basis. Also, guidance regarding the diet is also required in the initial stages.

 Consult a Pet Sitter/Trainer

It is also recommended to train your pet for certain chores. Since, you are new at the same, you can consult or hire a pet trainer for the purpose of training your pet in a disciplined manner. This training is ought to last for the upcoming years.

 Deal Your Pup’s Whining

Any puppy is bound to cry at night as it has been separated from its siblings and parents. Also, the new surroundings might make it fearful. Hence, make it your responsibility to ease the pet by comforting it on your own. Try to make your pet sleep next to you so that it does not feel lonely at night time.

Manage your hungry pet

The pets which are not accustomed to disciplined methods of eating tend to simply jump at the sight of food in the bowl. In this way, they might end up dirtying themselves. One can try keeping a towel nearby to not let the fur get too dirty. Also, the food bowl can be kept on an elevated surface to prevent the creation of mess.

Schedule their routine

Keep a note of the time when your pet goes to pee. Also, make a note of the desired location where it wants to pee. By doing so, one can encourage the pet to do the refreshment course at the stipulated time and at the desired location.

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