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We for animals – A must read for all animal lovers

It is said that you have not lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.And with this thought comes in mind the innumerable innocent creatures God has made who are made to succumb to ill treatment by human beings, the only reason being the superiority of the human race amongst all others.

Animals are the purest spirits in the world which do not have any fake feelings. All they have is the most loyal gesture filled with love with no notion of getting back anything but love.Animal cruelty is one of the most unhappening and brutal acts of human beings imposed with the ill notion of suppressing the weaker. But now its high time that this perception gets altered keeping in mind the grade of exploitation reached and its adverse effects on the mere existence of many species.And the cost one has to pay to be kind to animals is simply the fact that it is a form of soul-rebirth; one would find a notable change in one’s attitude towards life. Animals do have a language of their own but their voice never reaches us. We should be the medium of their language of togetherness, loyalty and immense love that they shower on us. We should speak up for them, protecting them which might make us lose our minds, but would definitely make us find our soul.

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