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How Animals Sixth Sense helps in predicting future Animal Compassion 

How Animals Sixth Sense helps in predicting future

Animals have been known to have sixth sense which helps them predict furutre happenings in advance and they know how to tackle the same at their best possibilty. Forget the advanced technological applications available, this indigenous method is being utilized by the flood-stricken villagers of Assam, where the local people are able to make their moves correctly on the basis of abnormal animal behaviour.

Villages in Assam are located in very remote areas, and in absence of proper forecasting system available, the villagers here are accounting on the behavioural changes of the native animals to predict and survive through the recent,unalarmed floods to prevent the sudden torrentation of their abodes.

According to scientists, the following symbolises an unnatural cause of future epidemic through their change in behaviour:

  • When insects like grasshoppers, locusts,etc; come out of their hideouts and fly around entering into houses, it depicts a sudden change in weather condition.


  • When ants are seen shifting their location with their eggs and food to higher location, it indicates a forthcoming flood in the region.


  • In many parts of the World, it is commonly observed that just before a massive storm, earth- bound ants develop wings to fly to higher altitudes. According to experts, the ants have prepared themselves for this for weeks.


  • Howls of animals have also indicated different weather conditions. As for instance, when a fox howls irritably from higher grounds, it forecasts a prolonged dry spell; while its howl from a lower ground implies a probability of high flood.


  • The cry of doves and other specific birds are also signs of warnings.
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  • Toads and frogs have also been observed to make unending croaks before torrential rains and storms.


Apart from animal’s behaviour, celestial and astronomical activities have also helped humans predict weather changes as when the moon is inclined towards south, it is a clear sign of devastating flood approaching. Also, with the changes in activities of plants, the same can be depicted. A massive bamboo flowering is an indication of the same.

Indian villages where there is high rate of illiteracy, the villagers rely greatly on such indigenous knowledge inherited from their ancestors. These measures are locality specific, require no external support and are inherently scientific.

Animal signs of weather changes and epidemics are being studied by researchers across the World to develop a natural base to their scientific deductions. In such a way, it comes around to the fact on how greatly humans are dependent on such small yet super-powerful creations of God, where they prove to be ways superior to us.


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