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Breed or stray

In India, having a dog as a pet is considered to be more of  status-biased than the actual emotional factor to it. People are on a race to buy the dog of the best breed giving away exorbitant amounts to swank away their status. But ever considered the real reason behind this pricey possession of yours.

While buying a fine quality dog breed which normally tends to be of foreign genes, it is the task of breeders to ensure certain predetermined parameters that the creature fulfills before handling it to the owner. A reputible breeder has to keep the breed in healthy condition which would entail multiple health screenings and that the dog has not inherited any health disorders from its parents. The more older is the dog, more priced it would be as it has remained in proper care and under supervised conditions of the breeder which must have cost him/her a dear amount. It is sad to see people paying handsome amounts to show off their richness in buying such expensive imported breeds, when the nation is filled with such cute,little puppies waiting for a home they can call theirs. There are plenty of wonderful puppies/dogs out there to adopt, so kindly support the cause and spread it widely. And if you are real upon buying a fine,imported breed; kindly do the proper research regarding its heredity and health conditions so that in the end you would not in any case put the little one up in an animal shelter for the rest of its life.

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