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Camel exploitation in Rajasthan

The camels have been declared as the Rajasthan State animal and yet face the threat to being exploited and tortured for personal needs. The Rajasthan Camel (Prohibition of Slaughter and Regulation of Temporary Migration or Export) Bill, 2015 has made causing injury to camel punishable. Camel slaughter is punishable for up to five years and monetary fine.  Even after such strict regulations, several cases of slaughter and torture of camels in the state has come into light.

Camels known as the “Ship of desert”, have been an integral part in maintaining the natural ecosystem of the surroundings. Camels as a working animal also forms the backbone of the State’s agricultural and economic structure.They also are a major source for human survival in the harsh living conditions of the deserts. Camels have been known to be used for transportation and are made to carry heavy tons of loads even when they are incapable of it. They get thrashed for not doing so.

There are cases of camel abuse for not being able to yield milk or do work due to their falling age. According to a report, the camel population has considerably declined to mere 2-3lakhs left in the state and whose depletion continues due to lack of care and compassion. This makes the State animal an endangered species and hence, it must be the high time to put in efforts in conservation of the same.

The exisiting laws have not proven efficient in controlling the situation and in handling the menace caused. It must be an integrated effort put in by every individual in raising the living conditions of the backbone of the desert ecosystem. This could be made possible by creating mass awareness reaching out to the rural areas in particular, where the camels thrive and are mostly exploited. The slaughtering and molestation of these innocent animals must be prohibited and strict actions must be taken against the prosecutors. One must also be compassionate for such beings at ones potential and do deeds to provide them a sustainable life.

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