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Top Secrets of Dog Training You Should Know Blog For Dog Lovers 

Top Secrets of Dog Training You Should Know

Wish to train your dog to the best level? If you wonder how the professional trainers are able to achieve dog training efficiently, then there are some simple tricks to do the same. If you also wish to know about their tenets, then here we unveil some of the top secrets of effective dog training for you. Have a read: Proper Timing When it comes to training your lovely pet, then perfect timing is the key. A good dog trainer understands the importance of the correct timing to modify the…

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6 Ways to tell if you are Ready for a Dog For Dog Lovers 

6 Ways to tell if you are Ready for a Dog

Are you planning to bring in that cute, little pooch to your house? Dogs are said to be the man’s best friend. A dog’s pup is the cutest thing you could ever find on this planet. They are cute, cuddly, brave and smart creatures who would love you beyond words or actions. For them, you are their life. Not only are they great companions, research proves that people who are in their company are more happy and content. Dogs give mental peace and contentment to human beings and have also…

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Few Tips for First Time Dog Owners For Dog Lovers Pet Talk 

Few Tips for First Time Dog Owners

Are you bringing your paw-friend for the first time at your home? Is this your first time with your cute, little friend? Most of the first-time dog owners usually panic while bringing home their new pet. However, with some useful tips, one can really make it a fun experience with the sweet puppy which has just arrived at your home. It must be your sole responsibility to make the pup comfortable at the new premise. Do have a look at some helpful tips Make it feel comfortable As new you…

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Dog meat trade in Nagaland Animal Compassion For Dog Lovers 

Horrifying Dog meat trade in Nagaland carried out every year

As we speak of dog meat trade across the World, Humane Society International has recently launched a video which shows how dogs are mauled and killed in India for illegal trade of the same. North-eastern state of Nagaland in India where according to an estimate more than 30,000 strays and stolen pets are smuggled every year. The kind of treatment the poor animals receive is unspeakable. The disturbing footage as released by HSI shows how brutally and inhumanely the dogs are kept packed in sacks with just their heads poking out and their mouths either…

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