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Inculcate the Importance of Vegetarian Food for Your Pets Animal Compassion Blog For Pet Owners 

Inculcate the Importance of Vegetarian Food for Your Pets

If you support animal welfare and have a pet at home, then juggling between the dietary needs of your pet can be really daunting. For the first thing, dogs & cats love meat-based food. So, if you are concerned about the overall health of your companion animal and also take into consideration the cruelty of the meat industry, then you can inculcate the importance of meatless food or vegetarian food for your pets. Meat Industry: Dangerous & Unsupervised If you wish to encourage yourself and others to start vegetarian food…

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Things to Know About Deworming Your Pets Blog For Pet Owners Pet Talk 

Things to Know About Deworming Your Pets

Deworming is a vital preventive care regime that needs to be taken care of by the pet owners. Deworming regime can help in reduction of parasites (both external and internal) and thus, can improve the overall health of your pet. In addition to keeping your pets safe from the parasites and worms, it is also important to prevent the transmission of parasites to the human family members. If you are considering the deworming of your pets, then here are some things that you should know: Puppies and Kittens Need Frequent…

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Effective Ways to Ensure Proper Pet Care During Monsoon Blog For Pet Owners 

Effective Ways to Keep Your Pets Safe & Healthy During Monsoon

Finally, after months of sweltering heat and humidity, some respite has come in the form of monsoon rains. As lovely and pleasurable it is for the humans, animals enjoy it too. They too feel some cool after months of panting in the heated environment. Though monsoons might be a time of some mental peace, it might take its toll on the physical health of your pets. With the high content of moisture in the air, there are higher chances of your pet being prone to infections, flu, cold, cough, loose…

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Few Things That Can Help You Get Through The Loss of Your Pet Blog For Pet Owners 

Few Things That Can Help You Get Through The Loss of Your Pet

The plight of a human being after the loss of the man’s best friend can only be acknowledged by the one who has ever loved a pet more than anything else in this world. We have seen instances of people for whom their paw-friends mean the entire world to them. Owing to such intense closeness, it is a heart-breaking feeling during the loss of the pet. We all wish our pets live with us forever. However, God gave them a shorter lifespan and we have to bear the bitter truth…

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