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travel safely with your pet Pet Talk 

Few tips on how to travel safely with your pet

Travelling around is cherished by every human. However, it can get a bit hectic and troublesome if you have to carry your four-legged pet as well. Our pets are adapted to the home environment and hence, might find it difficult to adjust well to the outer surroundings, especially during the travel. As it can be stressful for both the pet and the owner, we have some useful tips to make your trip a fun-filled one Tips on travelling safe with your pet Make your pet traceable: It is vital to…

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take care of your pet Animal Compassion Pet Talk 

How to take care of your and pet other street animals this monsoon.

Its with the advent of Monsoons that brings utter joy and happiness into the lives of Indians. Adding cons to it, the rainy season also serves as breeding grounds for water-borne diseases and hygiene issues. As vital it is for Humans, It also becomes very important to take proper care of the animals as well who suffer pretty much to the same extent as us(sometimes even more!).Animals call for special care during rainy season as they get prone to various hygiene issues and diseases. Let us ponder over how to take proper care of…

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Celebrities and their lovely pets Pet Talk 

Celebrities and their love for pets

The Bollywood stars have their lives sparked up with limelight and glamour. We might presume them to be bundles of arrogant people who think just for their profession and to become famous. But instances of the stars with their super cute and caring encounters with their pets and stray animals have changed the perspective into a more broadened aspect. Many leading stars have been seen posting super adorable images with their pets and also come into news for supporting the noble cause of animal welfare. Let us have a look at some of the stars…

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Heat cycles in animals Pet Talk 

Heat cycles in Animals

God has magnificiently created mammals and one of the best example of his creations are the female mammals. Mammals experience different stages into their life cycle and one of the most peculiar phase in a female mammal is the term when she is “on heat” i.e; during her menstrual cycle. Menstruation in mammals is the shedding of the uterine lining(endometrium) at regular intervals which varies across mammal range. Let us ponder into menses in animals and how to deal with them if you have a pet at home and you…

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