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Fish Life Sentence: What do Fishes Exactly Feel?

There are several million species of beautiful fishes on this planet. Some people eat fish, some are kept as pets and some are used for experimenting. While only some fortunate fishes are free from any sort of human intervention.

We are often misled by the fact a fish is incapable of having any emotional feeling as pain or depression. This is practically due to the fact that they are variedly physiologically different from the mammals. They lack the proper physiology that is attributed to the human beings towards consciousness and feeling various emotions. However, mostly it is also because of the reasons that they are so remote from the humans.

The fishes are native to the fresh lakes, rivers, seas and oceans. They are unseen and untouched unless we enter the watery world. Therefore, it becomes too difficult for the human beings to understand their exact life pattern and emotions. It is only seldom that the human beings dare to see the world from the eyes of other animals on this planet. So is the case with the fishes. We fail to completely understand them. We just realize that the fishes are some fancy display of natural artwork that can adorn our house in the fish tanks. Or they are just another delectable cuisine to be served on the platter in different forms.

New Research About Emotions of Fishes

The scientists have observed as per a recent study that they have deduced it time and over again that fishes too feel the pain. They too respond to the painful experiences in their life. It might not be the same painful experience of the higher mammals, but the thing that matters is that they too are affected by the adverse behaviors being enacted on them.

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For most of us, we believe the fact that goldfish tend to have a shorter memory span of just three seconds. However, this fact is not entirely true. A study has revealed that goldfishes have a memory of at least three months. They are pretty intelligent beings and are capable of differentiating between different colors, shades, and environments. They also become aware of the particular time of the day when they receive food.

After reading this fact, it is assumed that the readers able to think differently about “fishes” that they thought about indifferently. If you believe in God, then consider them as beautiful creations of the god. To surprise you all, there are just so fewer protection acts for the fishes of the world. It is high time that we start feeling compassionate to them as well. Their feelings and life matter too. They just ask for no more than an interference-free life from the humans. For they feel no pleasure in adorning your houses as a display of some antique piece. They even do not willingly as the humans to fish them out of their native homes and then fry them to form a tasty platter.

They just need to live the way they are –in free open waters! Respect all Life on this planet!

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