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Heat cycles in animals Pet Talk 

Heat cycles in Animals

God has magnificiently created mammals and one of the best example of his creations are the female mammals. Mammals experience different stages into their life cycle and one of the most peculiar phase in a female mammal is the term when she is “on heat” i.e; during her menstrual cycle.

Menstruation in mammals is the shedding of the uterine lining(endometrium) at regular intervals which varies across mammal range. Let us ponder into menses in animals and how to deal with them if you have a pet at home and you are inexperienced into the field of handling such a situation:

Dog wearing diaper


These mammals come into cycle from every 4 months to once every 12-16 months and the cycle lasts  for upto 3-4 weeks. At the onset of the heat, the vulva area becomes swollen and bleeds constantly upto the periods. Bleeding would range according to the intensity of the days. If you have a cat/dog as a pet, you might consider the following to let them and yourself have a hassle-free periods:

  • Use of diapers/dog pants – doggie pants are available in the market but might appear expensive to range through a period of 3-4 weeks. Some pet owners have deduced a simpler way by using baby diapers which come in different sizes and might come in handy to fit your dog/cat’s bum size. All you have to do is make a hole in the diaper at the point of tail to come out and it would easily fit into the animal’s body. Such a way the dog remains at ease and there are no spots of bleeding all over the house. Moreover, these are very convenient to dispose off when needed.
  • Give them ample rest – they might want to wander off, but keeping in mind the physical health of the animal it is necessary to provide them proper rest to maintain their energy levels. Loss of blood results in fatigue and hence, they should not be left out in the open.
  • Give proper attention – changes during menses are not just physical, but mental as well. One should be more considerate at such times and give them extra care and attention to wave off the tough time easily.
  • Maintain their diet – keep the diet as nutritious as possible and try avoiding heavy diets which might result in bloating.
  • Keep count – maintain a record of their date of first menses so that you can be well prepared for the next one.
  • Maintain proper hygiene – when animals are kept in hygienic environment, they are observed to be more pleasant and less agitated. During the period of heat, dogs/cats tend to urinate a lot and hence, proper care mustbe taken regarding that.
  • Keep indoors – as much as possible or be careful during a stroll as male animals might get attracted to menstruating females.
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Such animals go through what is called “Estrous cycle”, which is followed by bleeding but very less unlike humans. Most of their simply gets re-absorbed by the uterine linig of their body. Bigger mammals do not require extra care and attention as they tend to take good care of themselves. A definite change in the activity and mood can indeed be observed, but they get back to normal as soon as the dry period arrives.


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