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Zero Stray Dogs in Holland Animal Compassion 

Holland Became the First Nation to Have Zero Stray Dogs

It might be a respite for all the dog lovers to hear of such news wherein Holland became the World’s first country to be free of stray dogs. Most of us feel saddened at the sight of a poor street dog. We simply take pity on the sight of a dead stray dog. We watch it all and post outrageous comments on the social media to take effective steps, but until when?

When will our country or the whole world become a friendly place for all the animals to live in peacefully? When will the stray dogs do not have to search through the garbage for food and make the dirty roads their shelter? Well, Holland is one such country in the world to have answers to these questions.

The Netherlands claims to have zero stray dogs in the country as all of them are adopted by the local people. And, all thanks to their Government which has passed some stricter legislations and rules against animal cruelty.  Let us have a look at some of the striking amendments made by the Dutch Government to become the first-ever zero stray dog nation:

  • The people have who will buy branded high-bred dogs will have to pay higher taxes than those who will adopt a street dog or a dog from a shelter.
  • A high fine of around 16,000 euros in case of neglecting or abandoning a dog.
  • Prison sentence for the person caught for animal cruelty and abuse.
  • Free sterilization of the dogs to control their population.

With such stricter rules to protect and respect the lives of the dogs, the other countries can take a note of the status of the street dogs in their nation and take steps together to make the world a better place for all races of animals to live in. let our world become “Zero Stray Dog”!!

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One thought on “Holland Became the First Nation to Have Zero Stray Dogs

  1. This is another example of a Scandinavian country leading the way for the rest of the world. The USA should hang its collective head in shame for leading the world in rapid decline into becoming an uncaring totalitarian state.

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