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Dog meat trade in Nagaland Animal Compassion For Dog Lovers 

Horrifying Dog meat trade in Nagaland carried out every year

As we speak of dog meat trade across the World, Humane Society International has recently launched a video which shows how dogs are mauled and killed in India for illegal trade of the same. North-eastern state of Nagaland in India where according to an estimate more than 30,000 strays and stolen pets are smuggled every year.

The kind of treatment the poor animals receive is unspeakable. The disturbing footage as released by HSI shows how brutally and inhumanely the dogs are kept packed in sacks with just their heads poking out and their mouths either stitched or tightly bound to keep them quiet as the illegal trade is carried out. As they are transported over by vehicles from one region to another, they are deprived of any food or water before being thrown to a unique place known as the “death pits” where the dogs are packed together , beaten irresistibly multiple times for longer durations and are then made to succumb to painful deaths one by one.

Dog meat trade in Nagaland

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Nagaland experiences the World’s worst case of brutality towards animals. The death pits created in Kohima, Nagaland is a horrifying place with poor animals tied in a bag unable to move or even speak. There is lack of proper air to even breathe properly. One can just imagine the ill-fate these animals are subjected to at no disposal of any mistake committed by them.

We speak of the Yulin festival as being inhumane and brutal and raise our voices against the same for its ban to be issued on a WorldWide basis. As for the fact, we somehow forgot to peep deeply into the state of animals in our country itself where such grounded activities take place on such a large scale. The ignorance level of the Government can be seen as such an illegal act goes unnoticed when claims of Worldwide torture comes into light. Notices keep on being issued to put a ban to such acts of animal cruelty, but to no effect as the committers are waved off easily by paying a few bucks to the officials. But at the cost of what- the lives of innocent animals for just the fact of them being inferior to humans.

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