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How to Keep your Pets and Street Animals Safe this Diwali

One of the most awaited and favorite festival of the Hindus is round the clock. Everyone must have started preparing for the big day from now onwards. While it could be the time of celebration and excitement for you, you need to pay heed to your pets as well. As exciting as it could be for you, it could be greatly horrifying and troublesome for the poor animals. They are trembled and shaken by the loud noise created by the fireworks.

Every year, many social organizations urge to say no fireworks owing to the environment reasons. Why not take it a pledge this time for the benefit of the poor, innocent animals around and make it a “Safe Diwali” for them? Have a read:

• The loud noises and the flashing lights can scare your pets. If you have a pet, try to keep it inside the premises in a room for the night. Do not, however, leave the pet alone. Be in its company.

• Try to minimize the noise as much as possible by keeping the doors and windows shut for the night. Be there by its side to comfort your pet.

• If there are children at your home whom might not accept to go all sans fireworks, then prefer burning the less noisy and the flashy ones with them.

• Teach the children of your house to respect the street animals as well. They must scare away the other animals of the street with the fireworks.

Your pets might have a cozy room where they can be grounded for the day to escape the menace. However, ever thought of the poor street animals? Where will they go to escape the frightening noise and the lights? Take a pledge to never hurt any street animal intentionally with fireworks during the festival of Diwali. There have been several cases of people taking out their rubbish excitement on these poor animals. Make the children and other people also aware of this.

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In case of any casualty, keep the first-aid box ready in advance. The street animals are most prone to getting injured during the festival of Diwali. Hence, make it your responsibility to take care of them too. if it is possible, provide them shelter for the night as they might feel too frightened in the open area. Provide them food and water to make them feel safe and secure.

Owe it to yourself to make this Diwali safe for your pets and the animals around!!

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One thought on “How to Keep your Pets and Street Animals Safe this Diwali

  1. Yes agree! Every year we celebrate new year’s eve with our family and some dog owner forget about their fur-kids situation when the firework start. I believe training is one of the best way to teach them the right behaviour when new year’s celebration start. They will learn how to control their emotion and to adjust their self from the loud noises that comes from the fireworks and other noises like thunders. I’m so glad that all my dogs is well trained so now they are all aware and not scared anymore every new year’s eve.
    Actually they are watching fireworks too in our garden every new year’s eve.

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