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Few tips on how to travel safely with your pet

Travelling around is cherished by every human. However, it can get a bit hectic and troublesome if you have to carry your four-legged pet as well. Our pets are adapted to the home environment and hence, might find it difficult to adjust well to the outer surroundings, especially during the travel. As it can be stressful for both the pet and the owner, we have some useful tips to make your trip a fun-filled one

Tips on travelling safe with your pet

  • Make your pet traceable: It is vital to attach a microchip or a tracking collar to trace your pet easily to prevent any loss. One can also attach a collar with name, contact number and destination address to ensure the safety of your pet.
  • Book a direct flight: In case you are travelling by flight, try booking a direct flight to reduce the travelling exertion caused. This reduces the chances of your pet being mishandled during the trip.
  • Start an early preparation: One can start preparing your pet for the trip before a few days by taking it out on road trips to a few kilometres. This way your pet would get adjusted to such long trips.
  • Prepare a travel kit: Keep the essential items in stock for the pet’s needs. Pay special attention to the necessities like a pillow, favourite toy, medicines and food items. One can ensure the safety of the pet by keeping a safe crate as the vehicle would be constantly moving.
  • Do not leave the pet alone: Your pet should not be left alone in a parked car or even if you are going for any outing. Your pet is very new to the place and hence, might become fearful of the new environment.
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