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Importance of Plants to Street Animals

Protecting the natural environment is vital to ensure that there is access to natural air, water and habitat for both animals and human beings as well. As important are plants to the human beings, these are also important for the street animals. We live on a planet which goes by the concept of sustainable living. It is all about co-existence. As such, we must learn to co-exist with each other –plants, human beings & animals –all together.

Need of Plants for Street Animals

If you consider the importance of plants for humans, it is equally important to realize their importance for the street animals as well. Here are some pointers:

• Shade for Street Animals

Have you observed poor street animals like dogs or donkeys panting out in the hot sun during summers? During the hot summer months, several street animals die out because of dehydration caused due to direct exposure to sunlight. This happens because there is a less green cover on the streets.

When the streets will have enough plantation around, the street animals will find more shade to sit down under and relax for a bit. This will save them from the sweltering heat out there and will save several innocent lives.

• Home for the Birds

With lack of proper plantation around, many birds are rendered homeless every year. As such, most of them perish and die away. If you wish to hear the sweet chirping of birds every morning, the presence of enough trees all around your location is a must. Trees serve as homes for the birds of all sorts. They make nests and give birth to their young ones on the trees.

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• Food for Vegetarian Animals

There are various stray cows and goats roaming the streets as well. In such cases, more trees would imply more food for such street animals in the form of leaves and barks. When there are more trees or grass around, cows and goats who are roaming around will find more food to satiate their hunger.

In addition to the above-mentioned benefits of trees for street animals, plants are also helpful in reducing the overall rate of pollution. This improves the quality of life for both the humans as well as for the animals around. Go Green! Go Animal-Friendly!

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