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Inculcate the Importance of Vegetarian Food for Your Pets

If you support animal welfare and have a pet at home, then juggling between the dietary needs of your pet can be really daunting. For the first thing, dogs & cats love meat-based food. So, if you are concerned about the overall health of your companion animal and also take into consideration the cruelty of the meat industry, then you can inculcate the importance of meatless food or vegetarian food for your pets.

Meat Industry: Dangerous & Unsupervised

If you wish to encourage yourself and others to start vegetarian food for your pets, then you can start off by realizing that feeding your companion animals commercial meat-based pet foods could be jeopardizing their health. The supermarket pet foods are often in the category of composed of ground-up parts of the animals. The flesh of animals that are used in these pet food items usually falls into the category of dead, dying, diseased, or disabled. And, this is what often you are treating your companion animal.

Moreover, most of the pet foods contain the same hormones, antibiotics, and pesticides that would be found in the commercial meat products for the humans. This could turn out to be highly toxic for your pet’s health in the long run. To motivate yourself and others better, you can simply imagine the number of innocent beings dying for the sake of feeding their own kith & kin.

Vegetarian Food for Pets

If you wish to include the habit of vegetarian foods for your pets, then you can accomplish the nutritional needs of your pets with a balanced vegan diet and certain supplements. Making vegetarian diet for dogs is simple because dogs, like humans, are omnivorous and usually are healthy eaters. However, cats tend to be more finicky than dogs when it comes to adopting a vegetarian diet. With their nutritional needs being more complex than that of the dogs, you can consider taking a vet’s advice before starting out on a complete vegetarian food for your cat.

Achieving the Regular Vegetarian Diet

To start with the adjustment of vegetarian foods for your pets, you can start by mixing some vegetarian food with what you are serving usually. Gradually, change the proportion of food serving until there is no meat left in the regular routine. If there is some resistance from your pet’s end, then try tempting your companion by serving the vegetarian diet with some warm soy milk, olive oil, tomato sauce, baby food, or other types of seasonings. Many cats love nutritional yeast and pieces of melon and some even love mashed veggie burgers which can be a great start.
If your companion animals are addicted to supermarket meat-based food, then you will have to be patient as they adopt the regular vegetarian diet.

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A completely vegetarian-based diet for your pets will turn out to be really healthy for them once all of their nutritional requirements are met properly. Consult your vet and give the best food to your beloved pet that suits his or her daily routine.

Go vegetarian! Save lives!

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