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Life of an Animal Lover

“Until one has loved an animal; a part of one’s soul remains unawakened”. Animal lovers around the world have been known to leave no stone unturned when it comes to the show of their love and affection towards animals. Animals are such beings who would love endlessly and selflessly if given an ounce of care and attention. They are devoid of any ill-feelings that humans impose on each other.

An animal lover has a unique way of living as they dedicate their lives to the betterment of those who cannot speak for themselves. Let us delve into some of the episodes which an animal fanatic would relate to easily:

The day starts and ends with their thoughts

Indeed true; animal lovers wouldn’t think of their partners before the thought of the animal they love would come into their minds. Don’t be jealous partners! It’s a natural human tendency to show abundance of love to their animal companions above all else. Be it the morning or the night, they would think about the animals they care about.


Animal vs partner

Hilarious,but true! If given a choice to pick who would they would want to spend the rest of their lives with if the world was ending, they would definitely go for their animal companions. They have their priorities that way. Just be sure you too are an avid lover otherwise the romantic interests tend to cease.

We talk to animals; they listen

Animal lovers are known to understand deeply what their animal companion might try to convey. They can feel their pain and happiness and even service to the needs as required.

Flustered if they vanish

People who deeply care for animals and cater to their everyday needs would get really perturbed if the animals go out of sight or vanish away. Though it might be a generic result of their relocation to some other place, yet it deeply affects the person and leaves him/her highly depressed if the encounter doesn’t happen for days.

Spend lavishly even when pockets are empty

Indeed a weird thought; but they wouldn’t think when the animals are involved. Though they might be facing a deep financial crunch, they would end up saving a few bucks anyhow just to give their animals that ounce of satiation and happiness. And whenever donation camps come up, all the money goes to animal welfare organizations.

They are completely ANIMAL PERSONS

No particular tags as “cat/dog persons”, they don’t make choices about their love for animals as a whole. They are universal lovers of all animals.

High on emotions

It is an excruciatingly painful sight to see an animal in distress and yet not be able to help him/her. Same with high levels of happiness when you see an animal in a safe environment. Also, all tons of current emotional status gets shared with animal companions,people have been known to speak more to their pets rather than family members.

Go vegan all over

It’s a common story for animal lovers to prefer vegan diet even if they were hard-core meat-eaters way before their new-found love for animals.

Don’t mess with “IT”

They too have genders and prefer calling them by “him/her”; not “it”; otherwise you are at the mercy of the hands of the concerned person.

Live and die with the notion

Animal lovers make it a point to dedicate their life’s mission on the welfare of the animals in general and yes also strive to do it till the end! They would even make it their career and daily regime of lifetime.

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