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Logical Reasons Why One Should Adopt Instead of Buying a Pet

We all hear of the noble cause of adopting an animal. Have you recently decided to bring home a new pet? Then, you must have browsed the Internet for the best breed and the best shop to but the pet from. Ever wondered if adopting a pet could be a better option for you? Have a read:

  • Adopted Pets Cost Less: Well, the most determining factor which can motivate someone to go for adoption rather than buying is that adoption is way less expensive than buying from a reputed pet shop. In the case of dogs, the higher pedigree breeds come at outstanding prices which many people cannot afford.


  • Adoption Saves a Life: ever imagined that you could be the noble reason of saving someone’s life? If you have not got a chance to do the noble deed, why not go for adopting an animal? With the streets and the animal shelters getting overcrowded, you can save a life. It could mean the whole world to that poor animal. Your home could be their forever home too.


  • Adopted Animals are More Trained: The animals which have lived in the shelter already know some basic habits and can serve as a better option for bringing in one’s home. When you buy a puppy of high breed from a pet shop, you have to appoint a special trainer to give the basic training. Hence, adoption saves the trainer’s expense as well.


  • Helps Resolve Population issues: There are too many animals out there on streets and animal shelters and not enough home for them. By bringing in a pet by adopting it, you can control the over-population issue faced by the nations worldwide, as this would weaken the overpopulation cycle of the animals.
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  • Lifetime Pet Services: What many people are unaware of is that if they adopt an animal from a shelter, they receive a lifetime service of free treatment. This notion was launched itself to promote the noble cause of adoption of the animals.


  • Creation of Awareness: Indeed you can become a role model and encourage other people as well to adopt instead of buying it from the pet shops at extravagant prices.

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2 thoughts on “Logical Reasons Why One Should Adopt Instead of Buying a Pet

  1. Adopting a pet is a great idea. I’m glad you mentioned that it will make you an example and raise awareness to the population issues that exist with pets. I was really thinking about buying a dog, but I think adopting one is the better choice!

    1. IDogs

      Glad to know that you changed your mind and are going for pet adoption

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