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We are meant to love animals.

As our ancestors had said, Live life with a noble cause. Name one noble cause and the one that tops it all is living a life for serving the helpless. Mahatma Gandhi has said: “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

Owing to the greatness in promoting animal welfare, let us look at some of the reasons at why one should make it a habit to serve at least one non-human life:

  • One has not lived until one has loved the animals. Animals are the purest form of kindness and loyalty. The love and care they shower on us is priceless and precious. We should honor the same and revert them the same share of love, care and kindness; they would expect nothing else in return.
  •  Cruelty to animals is one of the most barbaric and heinous acts that human imposes on the ones who do not have a say. This does not imply that animals do not suffer the pain and torture. It is high time that such cruelty be banned right away by considering the animals as having equal right on this planet as the human beings.
  • Since ages, humans have used animals like cattle, horses and donkeys to serve their task of weight-lifting and for running errands. One must put oneself in their shoes and then realize the excruciating levels of pain they undergo. All such means must be stopped.
  • Humans have been known to cage little, cute animals to glorify their houses and at the same time serve as their mode of entertainment. By doing so, we snatch away their life of freedom and shorten their life span. We should remind our self of the fact that God has created these animals to live a life of freedom and serenity and hence, we should not hamper the same.
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Animals along with the human race make up this planet and they must work in equilibrium to sustain life on this planet. Many species have already succumbed to human cruelty and have been extinct. But now, we should make an owe to ourselves to serve those remaining and “Save a Life”

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