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How Our Stray Cows are Dying Due to Plastic Waste Animal Compassion Blog 

How Our Stray Cows are Dying Due to Plastic Waste

India is a holy country where cows are worshiped as “mother cows” and are considered to be heavenly animals. Though people back then used to keep cows in their homes, it is rare to find such a sight nowadays. We usually find healthy and properly tamed cows only at the milk centers. Otherwise, the Indian streets are full of stray cows who have to fend for themselves. It is a sad plight to see the “worshiped” cows in highly deplorable conditions wherein they do not find enough food and water to fill their stomachs. It is by a rare chance that some passer-bys would offer a slice of bread or some edible items to these stray cows wandering their way into the streets.

Stomachs Filled with Plastic Instead of Food

The condition of the street cows is so poor that they usually have to look for food into the filthy garbage where we humans throw off our household waste. It is such an irony to observe here that one creature that we consider to be the form of God has to scourge for food in the garbage. It is a common sight to observe stray cows eating plastic on the streets. And we humans just pass by caring the least for the poor animals.

While looking for food items, these hungry cows end up consuming the whole plastic sheets in which we throw our garbage. They just want the food inside. They are not aware of the harmful effects the plastic would have once it reaches their stomach. We all know that plastics are highly non-biodegradable artificial components. This implies that plastic does not tend to degrade over thousands of years on its own. Knowing this fact, you can simply imagine the fate of the poor animals that consume it on a daily basis just on the pretext of getting some food for themselves.

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Plastic KILLS  Animals

When the harmful plastic and its by-products reach the inside system of the animals like cows and dogs, it tends to accumulate with the passage of time. It does not get broken down into forms of excreta and therefore, is not expelled by their body. As a result of the continuous accumulation of plastic materials inside the stomach and other parts of the body, cows usually develop huge tumors in their body. The tumors take up the disastrous form resulting into a painful death of the animals.

If you are not saddened by reading this plight of the animals like stray cows and dogs, then you are a heartless being. Why do the animals have to suffer? At what cost? The answer is plain and simple –at the cost of human selfishness and greed. Humans are so self-obsessed about their lives that they fail to glance at the pains and sufferings of the other beings on this planet.

There has been a constant urge many times to not use plastic. But, to no heed. In the end, we continue to throw our garbage tightly packed into plastic covers. You can then find the stray cows eating plastic on the street side which leads to their death. It is high time that we, out of respect and religious beliefs only, try to value the lives of the poor cows who die in large number each year due to the harmful plastics. SAY NO TO PLASTIC!!

Image Source : TreeHugger

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