4 Stray Dogs Saved a NewBorn Baby in Kolkata

Recently, an incident of 4 stray dogs saving an abandoned baby came to light in the city of Kolkata. This incident took place when a newborn, who was abandoned in the bushes, was guarded and protected by nearby stray dogs. According to a Local, these stray dogs kept the crows away from the baby and walked around till someone came to the rescue.

Ulhas Chowdhury, a school teacher who was crossing a copse near his residence heard a sound of baby crying coming from the bushes. As he went near, he was numbed to see a newborn baby wrapped up in a pink cloth lying in the middle of the bushes. The more stunning sight was to see a group of stray dogs protecting this abandoned child. As soon as the dogs saw Ulhas, they started wagging their tail in utter happiness and sat down near the baby.

Startled to see all of this, Ulhas immediately called for some help. The neighborhood rushed to the spot and someone even fed some milk to the baby.  The officers at Purulia Sadar Police Station were informed about this who in turn informed the 24-hour Child Helpline about the whole incident.

Finally, the child was taken to the Deben Mahato Sadar Hospital for a regular health checkup where doctors confirmed that the baby was just 8-10 days old. Doctors also said that the baby has shown a few signs of Jaundice but there is nothing to worry about.

Ulhas and other locals have named the rescued baby ‘Sania’. After being discharged from the hospital, Sania will be taken to an adoption center in Bhatbandh.

All the locals said that they were very grateful of those dogs who guarded Baby Sania and gave her a second chance at life. Once again Dogs went on to prove that they are indeed, ‘A man’s best friend’.

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News Source : timesofindia

Image Source : www.thehindu.com