Horse carriages banned in Mumbai

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An effort by various animal rights activists that finally urged the Maharashtra Government to put a ban on the use of horses for joy rides in decked-up horse carriages from the streets of Mumbai will finally get into action starting this June.

Locally known by the name “Victoria”, these carriages have known to be spectacular tourist attraction around the Gateway of India premises. The tradition of carriage ride all adorned with silver paintings,lights and artifacts of all hues and colors, has been follwed since the British era. Primarily used as means of transport, they after generations became major spots for tourist attraction. After an incident of a horse collapsing due to the pressure of the carriage raised up the heated debate to put an end to such an act of animal cruelty. The order by the High Court saw major support from animal rights bodies and local people who put up their voice against such act of animal abuse. The Government aims at rehabilitating the horses to better life conditions.

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