Volunteering group of Canada rescues pets from a forest fire

A look into a brave deed by one of the volunteering groups of Canada who risked it all just to save those who cannot speak. It was this incident in Canada when a fast-moving fire spread out and started taking its toll on the houses and the forests nearby.Though an emergency alarm was raised to evacuate the houses which had come in contact, it still took time for people to leave their offices and shops to come to the rescue of their pets. It was then when a group of Canadian truck aesthetes thought of going way round to save these animals before even the police came to the rescue.These group of people describe themselves as “truck enthusiasts who do voluntary work”; made it a point to cross all lines of danger into the fast-spreading fire to safely evacuate all the animals unhurt.

They became successful in rescuing almost a dozen animals who had remained stuck in the houses for a prolonged period of time. After the rescue operation became successful, the animals were reunited with their families.


Image Courtesy: www.goodnewsnetwork.org

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