30 Pups and Dogs got rescued at Delaware in New Jersey

Good news come from around the World when incidents of animal welfare are witnessed in small packages. It was relief to many small lives as dozens of dogs were rescued and brought into an animal shelter in Delaware in New Jersey.

It was an eye-pleasing act to see as a van carrying around 30 dogs and pups arrived in a welfare shelter named as Faithful Friends Animal Society. These dogs and pups were rescued from high-kill shelter in Dallas,Texas.

Faithful Friends is usually aimed at serving and rescuing stray dogs; but as they came up with this kill shelter and had enough space to accommodate in their small-dog kennels; they brought in the dogs as well. Brittany Anthony of faithful Friends said that instead of watching the dogs end up giving away precious moments of their lives to eventually die; they brought up these little ones to their shelters to be put to adoption.

The rescued dogs are either neutered or spayed and shall be given proper treatment by a vet. As per the Animal Society, the dogs shall be ready for adoption by the end of the week. Such affirmative incidents bring into a new light and hope in our mission to strive for making it a better place for such innocent animals to live in happily and enjoy their span of God’s gift called-LIFE!


Image Source :  delawareonline.com

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