75 Dogs Rescued by Assam Cops from Being Smuggled to Dog Meat Trade in Nagaland

Assam Police have rescued as many as 75 street dogs on Thursday. They were being smuggled to Nagaland for dog meat trade. The cops had rescued the stray dogs from the Samaguri town in Assam. The Samaguri police have arrested four men who were shipping the dogs in a pick-up van. The accused persons for this crime have been identified as: Sanil Sangma, Lucas Sangma, Parwin Sangma and Raju Sangma. All of these men belonged to Assam.
The pick-up van was intercepted by the Assam Police at around 9 pm on Thursday in the Samaguri town. The vehicle was procured during a routine checkup by the in-charge of the Samaguri Police Station named Rajib Barman. He added that upon further inquiry, the four accused who were traveling in the vehicle accepted that they were transporting the dogs to Dimapur in Nagaland. There they were about to hand all the 75 stray dogs to a wholesale dealer for dog meat trade.

All of the dogs were drugged and their mouths were either stitched or taped to prevent them from barking. The Samaguri Police authorities have handed the rescued dogs to an animal rights group for now. The particular animal rights group named “People for Animals” have kept the dogs in a proper shelter in Guwahati.

23 Rescued Dogs Died

Even after rescuing all of the 75 dogs, 23 of them could not survive due to dehydration and asphyxiation. The PFA (People for Animals) head in Guwahati named Sangeeta Goswami claimed that most of the dogs had belts around their neck. This indicated the fact that not all dogs were stray dogs. Some of them belonged as pets with families. The PFA head suspects that there is a proper smuggling racket operating in Assam for which the dog collectors are given a good amount. They have to collect the dogs from the streets or steal them from homes and then sell them off to Nagaland for dog meat trade.

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Nagaland continues to thrive on the irrational and barbaric trading and consumption of the dog meat even today. A kilo of dog meat is sold at a rate of 400-500 INR per kg. The Nagaland Government has been mulling over the imposition of a ban on the dog meat trade in the region. In March last year, the Nagaland Government had issued a directive to the local bodies in the state to prevent the capture of the dogs for the purpose of meat and slaughter.

The PFA head said that the rescued dogs are recovering from the shocking incident that took place with them.
However, they pity the fact that they could not save the 23 dogs that died due to the unrealistic circumstances.
It is a sad plight to observe the greed of the human beings. One fact that the animal lovers cannot understand is the loss those barbaric humans would suffer if they simply dumped their habit of eating non-vegetarian food. Only the poor animals would get a better life. An urge to stop this dog meat trade in our country before heading out to the others across the world!

Image source : Indiatimes.com