A couple Rescued and Adopted 46 Abandoned Dogs to Give them a Brand New Life

A Canadian couple named Mark and Sharon Starmer did something most people cannot do easily. They adopted as many as 46 rescue dogs to give them a better life of freedom. They were overwhelmed with kindness towards these pooches that they simply could not resist but rescue them.

Most of these dogs were abandoned pets by their prospective owners due to old age or illness. But, this Canadian couple put all barriers aside and set out to accept the dogs anyway. They adopted these animals to live in their own house as family members.

Mark and Sharon along with their son had to evacuate their previous home due to the social restrictions for keeping these many pets. However, this did not discourage them from doing the noble cause of animal welfare. They went on to search for a new home and eventually, ended up in finding a new home where they could live happily with all the 46 new members. They along with a dear family of 46 pooches now live in a 4-acre space – heaven for the dogs where they can roam and play around freely without any restrictions and tensions of the world.

Though the couple had to face some financial problems, yet they surpassed all to give the immense love and care to these lovely beings. We cannot expect to hear any better heart-pleasing news from the world.

Love and care from the humans are all the animals expect. The pet owners who abandon their pets due to their age or illness are subject to greater forms of sin than the ones who do not keep a pet. Shame on such people! Yet, some people like Mark and Sharon prove that kindness still exists in some people who move out of their ways to help the poor animals and provide them a worthwhile life.

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Image Source: Metro