A Great Dane Chained on the Chennai Streets, Left to Starve to Death!

After the “Bhadra” incident wherein a pup was thrown off the terrace by two MBBS students, another heart-wrenching news came up from Chennai, where a Great Dane which was abandoned and chained outside a home, was left to starve to death.

This distressing incident came to light when a Chennai resident named Shravan Krishnan went on social media to share the heart-rending pictures of the dog who was found abandoned and chained on the streets of Chennai. Shravan on receiving a call from a guy named Karthik Selvaraj had gone to the place to save the Great Dane, but unfortunately he died on the way.

Shravan himself runs an organization named “Hotel for dogs” and is an avid animal lover. On encounter of such a sad incident, he went on to Facebook to post a comment with the images of the poor dog. It went as:


We constantly fail to understand the hearts of those people who actually adopt a pet to abandon it in the end. Why can’t they understand the plight of such poor creatures who only did but love them their entire life? Such heartless people are greater sinners committing the heinous crime of greater intensiy of animal torture and crime. Shame on such owners!!

Image Source : indiatoday.intoday.in

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