A Group in Kerala Offers Discounts on Guns to Stop Street Dog Menace-Bizzare!!

If there would be anything left in Kerala towards the torture of the street dogs, it would be this news! The citizens and the government of Kerala find the existence of the stray dogs as not worthy because they create menace and are hazardous to the society. There has been much uproar between the Kerala government and the animal activists on this issue.

To add to it all, a group of people in Kerala have come with an idea to put the end to the menace by offering heavy discounts on the purchase of the air guns to put an end to the population of the street dogs. What less could be expected from Kerala!

It is the group formed by the students of the St. Thomas College Old Students Association, who went on a campaign by setting up posters in the Pala area, promoting that they would give 10 percent discount for those who would purchase the guns, if they are troubled by the street dogs.

A member of the organization named James Pambakkal, a former teacher believes that this initiative had to be taken by them as they feel the concerned authorities are more careful towards the street dogs than the animals.

Another social activist named Jose Maveli, who runs a group named “Stray Dog Eradication” and had also launched a campaign against them by the name “stray dog free Kerala”; is the first one to buy a gun for himself. His campaign claims to have allegedly killed 24 stray dogs in Kochi last year. According to him, he is very serious about the campaign and has been creating awareness in the schools and the society to put pressure on the concerned authorities to put an end to the menace created by the street dogs.

Recently, another group of activists from the youth wing had taken on a procession by carrying the bodies of the street dogs tied to poles. This inhumane action was strongly condemned by the animal activists from throughout the nation. Owing to the uproar, the Kerala government was asked by the Supreme Court to take action against such people.

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As ironical it might sound, the humans have recently given enough examples to show that they are a threat to the life of the street dogs, on the contrary. These acts of inhumanity simply do not cease to operate as more and more heinous acts keep on repeating against the innocent animals.

Image Source : www.deccanchronicle.com