A Man in Hyderabad Murdered and Raped a Pregnant Stray Dog

A 22-year-old man has been arrested in Hyderabad for allegedly the most bizarre and barbaric form of animal cruelty. The man who was identified as Aslam Khan had moved to Hyderabad from Delhi just two days ago to work as a daily wager.

As per the police, Md. Jahangir, a resident of the Shastripuran area of Hyderabad used to feed a female stray dog living in the locality. On Monday morning, Jahangir heard abnormal shouts of the dog. His sons who went to search for the dog were in utter shock to find Aslam having unnatural sex with the dog in the nearby bushes. Aslam on being spotted tried to flee but was soon caught by the local residents and handed over to the police.

The police are yet to confirm whether the man had earlier strangled the dog or the unnatural event lead to her death. The sub-inspector of the Mailardevpally police station has arrested Aslam under the registered case of section 429 (mischief by killing or maiming cattle) and section 377 (unnatural sex). The police say that the man does not appear mentally disturbed to have committed such an act of bestiality.

Meanwhile, Humane Society International India (HSI) has pleaded for the most severe form of punishment for the brutal act. India has witnessed several cases of unimaginable animal cruelty in the recent past. From Mumbai’s event of a man taking revenge from a street dog by overrunning his car over the poor animal to the Chennai’s Bhadra case.

Why cannot people understand the sad plight of the animals when such cruel acts are implemented on them? What has taken over the hearts of the people of India to commit such heinous crimes against the poor animals? And when will Indian Government actually impose a severe form of punishment for the wrong-doers?

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Image Source : India today