A Severely Injured Monkey Was Saved by a Man in Damoh District

With so many stories of brutality towards animals in the recent times, it comes as a relief and happy news to the animal lovers as two separate cases of affection and compassion towards animals have entrusted us to believe that humanity still exists.

One such case occurred in a village in Madhya Pradesh named Nambarpura where the villagers took out a procession to bid goodbye to their dear friend, a dog. The dog named Kalu, which was 27-years-old, had lived in the village among the locals like their family member. At its death, the villagers set out a procession along the streets of the village to pay respect to their dear friend, Kalu. The villagers put his body in a jeep which they decorated with flowers and his final procession was accompanied by a band. As the jeep went along the village, the villagers showed their final respect to Kalu by putting flowers or garlands in his memory.

Another incident of true humanity occurred in a town named Jabera in Damoh, where a school teacher named Rajesh Jain came across a severely injured monkey on his way back home. The monkey had presumably been hurt terribly in an accident and was profusely bleeding. Rajesh on encountering such a painful plight of the poor animal asked two other nearby people for helping him out in rescuing the monkey. Taking out his vest, he immediately covered the bleeding area of the monkey to control the incessant bleeding.

With the help of two other people, he put the monkey in his car and immediately rushed to the nearby Giridarshan forest Department where some of the forest officials showed and then when completely assured, Rajesh handed over the injured monkey to them for further treatment.

We salute such compassionate hearted people who still make us believe that humanity exists. All the poor, innocent animals need is small bits of love and care from the humans to make them live a better and secure life. If each one of us does our part, though big or small, we can bring affirmative changes in the lives of such pure souls.

It is our heartiest request to the people out there to be compassionate towards animals and whenever, they encounter any such incidents when an animal is suffering, offer it a helping hand to save a life. Nothing can be more rewarding than such acts of humanity towards animals.

Image Source : http://huntnews.in/