A Sick Dog was Drugged and Smashed Over her Head by an Owner Who Didn’t Want to Pay Vet Bills

A psychic pet owner Graham Williams from Cleveland Street, Birkenhead, UK; who wanted to save £60 vet bills, went on to commit a heinous crime by smashing the head of his pet who was sick, with a spade. The dog, a German Shepherd, was sick and ailing. As she lay drugged with painkillers, Graham went to smash her head because he didn’t want to pay her vet bills. How gross can it be?

The dog named, Yarna, succumbed to the serious injury added on by her sickness. The 60-year-ol psychic Graham admitted to killing Yarna by over-feeding her pills and then, striking her head before burying her in the garden.
The local police have arrested the culprit and he is to appear before a Magistrate’s Court to be sentenced for causing two heinous crimes. One, by causing Yarna, unbearable suffering and secondly, for failing to provide the necessary vet treatment for her infected mammary gland tumor.

It has been an appeal again and again if you cannot justify yourself keeping and taking care of a pet; you are doing a bigger sin than anyone else.

Image Source : YouTube

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