A Stray Dog Got Adopted After Waiting For 6 Months In Buenos Aires

If you are patient enough and strive for something; you shall get it! The same worked for a stray dog in Buenos Aires where Rubio, a stray dog had met a flight attendant Olivia Sievers about six months ago. As Olivia showed some love and affection towards Rubio by giving him food, attention, and even a blanket; the dog fell in love with her.

Eventually, she had to leave for work as she often traveled between Germany and Argentina. As Olivia returned after sometime, she found Rubio waiting for her there in front of the hotel where she used to stay. As per the hotel’s crew, Rubio waited for Olivia every night with its big, puppy eyes awaiting his mistress who had showered him with love and kindness.


                                                       Image Source : sunnyskyz.com

Overpowered by such compassion and endless love; Olivia had made arrangements to get Rubio a good, forever home. However, Rubio escaped only to return waiting for Olivia. Rubio’s persistence moved Olivia’s heart and she decided to adopt Rubio and brought him home to Germany.

Rubio is now loving the forever life with his beloved Olivia as she takes him out for lake visits with her other dogs. Rubio has managed to find his forever heavenly abode with his un-movable persistence with only a few ounce of love and care bestowed upon him.

Such pure love can only exist between a human and a true heart as of Rubio’s . Animals only require a portion of our love and care and they shall dedicate their whole life to us.

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 Source : sunnyskyz.com