Abandoned Baby Monkey Rescued in Mumbai

While the world was celebrating the Mother’s Day all over, a poor monkey baby was abandoned on the same day. The abandoned baby monkey was separated from its mother after a series of events. It was on the premises of the Film City, Goregaon (east) that the baby monkey was found.

An animal activist named Nisha Kunju of the Plant & Animal Welfare Society claimed that the actress Jaya Bhattacharya had called upon them informing them about the abandoned baby monkey. She narrated the event about a sick female monkey lying outside the sets of the serial shoot of the actress. The female monkey was with its baby. Upon arriving, the team of rescuers saved the baby monkey. But, they could not trace the mother monkey. Some people at the spot of the incident reported that the mother monkey was taken away by someone. However, no one had any information about where she could be.

Baby Monkey Under Care

Monkeys in India are protected under the Wildlife Protection Act. On finding the sad plight of the abandoned baby monkey, the team of the animal rescue team took it under their care. The rescue group has informed the forest department about the rescue as well as the overall incident. The baby monkey is being fed milk with a bottle and is given proper care. The animal activist Kunju claimed that they intend to ensure a better life to the baby monkey by sending it to a proper rehab center.

It is disheartening to hear of such a sad story of the poor baby monkey being separated away from its ailing mother on the eve of Mother’s Day. On our pretext of enjoyment and selfishness, we humans fail to realize the fact that animals have emotions too. They too share a special bond of mother and child love. It is high time that we respect this notion and allow the child-mother bonding of the animals possible with our bits of care and affection.

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Image source: Times of India (Representative image)