A Boy Aged 9 Beats a Cat to Death: FIR Against Him

In a confusing case, an FIR was lodged against a 9-year-old boy at the Vimantal Police Station in Pune. His crime? He beat a cat cruelly to death. This comes as a quite disturbing case when a young lad is arrested at such a tender age. But when taken into the perspective of the heinous crime performed by him, we are made to raise the question about the type of upbringing we are giving to our kids.

The incident took place at the Tirupati Campus society in Tingrenagar on 28th March. It all began when the boy found the cat and started harassing and beating it ruthlessly. Another child from the society took the injured cat to his home. He, along with his mother, took care of the poor cat. However, it succumbed to its injuries on 4th April. The mother named Kamna Gandhe who took care of the cat is a complainant in the case.
The next day itself, an FIR was lodged against the minor with the help of the animal rescue activists. He was arrested under the Section 429 of the IPC (Indian Penal Code) and sections 11(1)(A) and 11(1)(T) of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960.

Gandhe told the police members that a few months ago, a couple of cats were visiting the parking lot of the society. Since then, the children of the society used to play with them. On the day of the incident, her son and some more kids came running to her to let her know about the boy’s brutal acts. The boy had flung the cat in the air and then kicked it several times. When Gandhe arrived at the spot, she saw the cat injured and unconscious. She called over the watchman and other residents to help her. She along with her son instantly brought the injured cat to their home and started taking care of it. However, owing to the seriousness of the injuries, the cat could not survive for long.

Gandhe upon rescuing the cat also contacted the Animal Legal Enforcement and Rescue Team (ALERT). The team members arrived soon after and then inspected the cat. They asked the Gandhes to take care of the poor animal and feed it daily. However, upon her death, they lodged a complaint against the boy with the help of the ALERT head named Meher Mathrani.

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The innocent animal who had no grudge against the cruel boy died due to his barbaric act. It is high time that the families take responsibility for the teaching and upbringing they are giving to their kids. The animals of all sorts are meant to be loved and cared. They should not be treated as a means of fun or toys.

Mathrani also pointed out that much research has been conducted on linking a connection between the animal abuse during one’s childhood and the same psychopathy as an adult. It is quite tough for the law to enforce an FIR against children. However, this arrest is made for the purpose of giving proper counseling to the young lad and would act as a remedial therapy. In turn, this will also turn out to be a lesson to several other young children, families and adults altogether in realizing the importance of respecting the lives of the poor and innocent animals and not letting them suffer at the cost of their own fun.
Lives of each LIFE matters!!