Dog stabbed to death while protecting its owner from a vicious attack

A pet dog was stabbed to death in Mumbai. The dog’s name was “Lucky” who was living with her owner named Sumathi. Lucky got stabbed as it tried to rescue the owner from the man who was threatening her. After this incident of “Dog stabbed to death” surfaced, the man was arrested later on. However, now he is out on bail.

The accused named Vyanketesh Devendra aged 23, was having a heated argument with his girlfriend at around 11:30 pm. To escape him, she ran into a nearby house. This infuriated the man as he pulled out a knife and then followed her.

Sumathi Devendra, who lived nearby with her brother tried to push away the man, but he started advancing forward with the knife. Sumathi recalls that as she was protesting the man, her pet dog named “Lucky” came to rescue her in between.

After watching her dog stabbed to death, Sumathi filed a police complaint under Section 429 (mischief by killing or maiming cattle, etc) of the IPC (Indian Penal Code). If the case against Devendra is proved true, then he is liable to be sentenced to an imprisonment of a term which might extend to 5 years or more.

Devendra claimed that when he was having an argument with Sumathi, the dog came in between and started barking at him. He even tore his clothes. He was later released for a fine of 5000 INR. The police have recovered the knife that was used on the dog.

Lucky’s body has been sent to the animal hospital for post mortem. Sumathi claims that she is feeling helpless and disheartened as the killer of her pet dog is roaming freely around. Her pet dog was trying to protect her. It did nothing wrong to the man who stabbed the dog to death. Stronger IPC sections should be imposed on the man for killing the poor animal.

Accused out on Bail after Dog stabbed to death

The killing of the dog has fired the sentiments of the animal lovers and the animal right activists across the country. The man could easily be released on bail as the laws against the cruelty to animals are highly weak in India. The accused was easily let out by just a few bucks. Only if he had been given a stricter punishment that equated the heinous crime done by him, he would learn his lesson.

There need to be developed a fear of the common man for harming or torturing any animal on this planet on intention. Only then can one expect some gratitude and affection towards the poor souls who have nothing to give –just pure love! We hope this man named “Vyanketesh Devendra” get his rightful punishment for mercilessly killing an innocent being. He is shameless enough to give excuses for his crime which he deep inside knows is “CRIME” and he should be punished for it. Lucky died an unexpected death. He truly deserves some respect for his heroic deed. We hope Lucky get his revenge for being stabbed to death.


Image source: Jagrutii ( Only for representational purpose)