Dying Elephants: Jumbos Die in Karnataka Due to Dehydration in Absence of Drinking Water

Tamil Nadu and Karnataka continue to fight over the issue of Cauvery River water. However, the wildlife animals are facing the brunt of this issue.Recently, several dying elephants were spotted due to dehydration in Karnataka. As the summers have approached, the water crisis has taken its toll on the wildlife animals as there is an acute shortage of water. As the heat continues to rise, shortage of water is taking the lives of several animals. Earlier in March, around seven elephants were reported to be dead. The rate of the dying elephants has risen as the summer season is at its peak.

Several Dying Elephants Spotted

On Monday, the carcass of a 15-year-old elephant was spotted at the Satnur forest range in Karnataka. The elephant was assumed to have died due to dehydration. Last week, another elephant was found at the Chikkalahalli in the Sangama forest range in Karnataka. She was found in an unconscious state. Later, she succumbed on 13th April. Due to lack of water in their vicinity, the elephants are dying off heat stroke.

Elephants Found in Human Territory

As there is the lack of water, the dehydrated jumbos are finding their ways into the nearby human territories. They are looking out for water and fodder. It is not at the will of the elephants to give up their natural habitat and wander into human habitats. They are bound to traverse to the regions where they can find water to survive the heat of the season. The waterholes and tributaries have dried up. As a result of this, the animals are forced to come out of their den and wander in search of water.

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It is not their fault that they have to face the plight of the hot season. The humans have selfishly exploited the natural resources of the Mother Earth. The irrelevant political issues are reflecting on the lives of the poor animals.Even if now no action is taken against the case of the dying elephants, then there will be more deaths in the upcoming months. It is high time that we, the so-called rations beings, realize and respect the value of the life of other beings as well. They have to face the plight of our ill actions and selfish deeds. Do not let animals suffer this way. Save water, save animals!


Image Source: Indiatoday