Edmonton society on a rescue spree

A major step towards animal rescue, especially dogs was taken by staff and crew of Edmonton Humane Society(EHS) as they rescued and brought back a good number of dogs into the Alberta’s capital- a western province of Canada.

A team was set out to the northern borders of Alberta from where they brought back around 51 stray animals including two preganant dogs and a preganant cat.The Director of operations EHS said that it was a mind-digging task to rescue animals as the regions they had travelled were very remote and they had to be properly equipped with ample resources. He added that it was only after months of planning that they could approach the Parkland Coutny’s Pet Food Bank which aided them in the project by providing the necessary medical facility and staff.

The rescued animals are given proper care in shelters and their medical condition and temperament is being carefully assessed.

IMAGE COURTESY :Edmonton Humane Society

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