Elephant at Wedding Ceremony: Complaint Lodged by an NGO

In a recent wedding procession at Koparkhairane in Navi Mumbai, an elephant was used to adorn the procession. Owing to the sensitiveness of the matter, an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) of the locality has filed a complaint with the forest authorities along with the local civic body against the illegal use of an elephant at wedding.

The NGO is named as PAWS-Mumbai (Plants and Animals Welfare Society). The NGO has also sought for a detailed inquiry into this illegal case of the torture of animals. As per the recent rules regarding animal welfare, it has been declared that no elephants would be used for any religious or private ceremonies in areas of Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, and Thane.

An associate of the PAWS-Mumbai named Sunish Subramanian claimed that some of the local residents had informed the NGO about the use of an elephant at wedding procession. This procession was going through sector 23 in Navi Mumbai on Friday night. The NGO members managed to get some photographs clicked of the elephant that was being led in the procession. The photographs have been submitted to the officials of the Forest Department. This will help the officials in inquiring about the illegal use of the elephant in the procession. Information will also be snatched about the owner of the elephant.

Sunish said that some of the members of the PAWS-Mumbai NGO went to the site of the procession. However, they reached a bit late. The elephant was by that time taken away from the procession by its owner.

Violation of the Law and Torture of Animals Rights

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Subramanian said that this incident is a clear violation of the rules that have been issued for the welfare of the animals. The laws regarding not using the elephants in the processions were issued by the chief conservator of forests along with the principal chief conservator of forests on 28th October 2013. Elephants are protected under the Schedule-1 species that come under the Indian Wildlife Protection Amendment Act, 2002.

In addition to complaining to the local officials of the forest department, the NGO has also decided to lodge a complaint to the authorities of the local municipal corporations of Thane and Navi Mumbai. The main idea of the complaint is to look into the matter of the exploitation of the wild animals. The forest department officials have claimed that they are inquiring into this incident of spotting an elephant at wedding procession.

This is a sad plight to observe the animals like horses and elephants being led into a wedding procession. It is a common sight to be observed in the Indian weddings. Amidst the loud music and flashy lights, these animals do not enjoy at all. Rather they are scared to death and wish to run away from such loud processions. However, they are forced to bear the senseless entertainment session of the wedding processions. It is high time that we humans consider the poor situation of the animals as well. It is a grievous sin to force them into such torture with blaring music and wild lights all around.


Image Source : hubpages.com (Image used only for representational purpose)