Get yourself a Government Identification Card if you feed and take care of strays

It is a common act to see animal lovers face discrimination from the society in multi-fold ways as people tend to harass them by lude comments and grave stares as if they might be committing some sin, which on the other hand is just a task of feeding a hungry animal. Keeping in mind such bigotry behaviour, the AWBI has come up with a way to boost up the confidence of such animal lovers and promote animal welfare at the same time.

As animal lovers have seen a rise in their numbers, so has welfare boards come up with ways to boost such causes for the upliftment of the life quality of the strays. Animal Welfare Board of India(AWBI) is leaving no stone unturned in its venture to provide a better life to the strays of the country. The AWBI is a legal advisory body that was formed under the Animal Prevention Act of 1960 to protect theanimals.One such initiative by the Board inlcudes issue of Identity Cards to those who feed strays on a daily regime. As interesting as it sounds to those who care for animals, it is a great step towards their betterment. Let us ponder into how this endeavour works for the strays.

The card is a government issued ID-card issued to those who voluntarily feed and take care of stray animals. Many such people have to face harrassment and insult on a daily basis by others and this tends to lower their noble work. By promoting such government-issued cards, it would boost up their confidence to do more formidable task towards their stray-friends.

This is how the card looks like –

AWBI Sample card


Towards this venture, the AWBI has issued an online registration form, which can be downloaded free on one’s system and can be duly filled and sent via post to receive ID cards for the same.

The registration process is as under:

  • Log into official website of the board or visit the direct pdf link of the registration form on
  •  the logged in applicants need to fill in their personal details like name, age,address,id proofs  and experience(if any of working with the AWBI).
  •  After filling the online form, one can download it for free and later on take its printout.
  •  Alongwith the specified documents and photographs, one can send it via post to the  Board office.
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The AWBI has made provisions to fill the form in both English and Hindi. Alongwith two passport size photos and Identity proofs, the duly filled form needs to be sent to the following adddress:

“ANIMAL WELFARE BOARD OF INDIA (Ministry of Environment and Forests, Govt. of India) Post Box No.8672 13/1, Third Seaward Road, Valmiki Nagar, Thiruvanmiyur,Chennai – 600 041.”

One can send via courier or even a cheaper method of daily post which would cost the minimum to an individual.

The form looks like the following:

AWB cartaker form


Once the application would reach the Board, the ID-card would be processed and sent to the applicant’s address via mail within two weeks. The card would include the person’s name in attestation that the person has rights in law to do noble deeds by permission of the Government of India.

Anjali Sharma, board member and legal advisor of the Board says that feeding and befriending strays aid them in sterilization and vaccination in an effective manner. She adds that the role of the card is solely towards welfare of animals and the society as a whole. This also aids the volunteers in feeding the strays without any hassle and interference from the intruders.

It is an initiative taken by AWBI keeping in mind how the animal-lovers would simply grab at to make their love for the starys fruitful.


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