Gurgaon RWA Removed the Strays: Legal Notice Sent

There have been constant tussles between the RWAs (Resident Welfare Associations) and the animal lovers in Gurgaon. Recently, the RWA of the Orchid Petals in Sector 49 was sent a legal notice over the sudden disappearance of the stray dogs from the locality. The residents claimed that the Gurgaon RWA Removed the Strays from the society. This is because the stray dogs were causing a menace to the society as the RWA claims. However, upon inquiry, the concerned RWA has denied the allegations.

A resident of the Orchid Petals society who is a former member of the RWA and an avid animal lover & activist had filed the complaint against the RWA to the PFA (People for Animals). It was then that the PFA had sent the legal notice to the RWA.

The particular man who had filed the case tells that as he has worked for the RWAs before, he understands their mentality. They had been planning to remove the dogs for a while now. When he was the member of the RWA, they had the stray dogs living in the community sterilized and vaccinated. Despite this fact, some of the residents had problems and said that the dogs were creating a havoc in the society. However, there was no such case of any nuisance in the society.

The Gurgaon RWA Removed the Strays and relocated them to some other place. When the case was inquired about looking into the CCTV footage, the RWA along with some of the guards got the footage removed. The man who had filed the case said that since then, he has received several threatening mails and suggestions from the residents nearby.

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4 Stray Dogs Relocated in Total

As per the reports, there were four stray dogs living in the particular society for quite a long time. Amit Chaudhery, the President of the PFA claims that there is no proof through which they can bring back the four missing dogs. RWAs have no authority to decide upon the relocation of the stray animals from their society. Only a rabid animal can be removed with the help of a government-run NGO. There are only two such NGOs in Gurgaon and neither of them was informed about this incident.

However, the RWA of the society seems to deny all of the allegations. They claim that this news has been politically motivated by some groups in the society. RWA’s General Secretary said that they have replied to the legal notice claiming that they are not responsible for the disappearance of the stray dogs.

However, such claims are hard to believe as there are several groups out there who continue doing such irrational activities on a daily basis. It is high time that we realize the value of the lives of the other beings on this planet as well. As the humans have the right to live anywhere they want, the animals too have the same rights. NO ONE is entitled by God to force the poor animals to move to any location. All we can do is hope that the dogs are in some safer locations where they have proper access to food, shelter, and water.


Image Source: Times of India