In a Shocking Discovery,Shops in Chennai were found Selling Cat Meat Biryani

Many street shops and stalls were found giving away biryani made out of cat’s meat. The police and the animal activists raided the streets around the Pallavaram area. The owners of such roadside eateries were found to have kept in seizure the abducted pet cats which were then skinned for making the “biryani”. The police raided the area after having been convinced by the volunteers from the People For Animals (PFA).

The volunteers had filmed the culling of the cats after befriending the eatery owners. This video footage was then shown to the police. The street shop owners had kept the cats caged, without food and water. They killed the cats mercilessly by putting them in boiling water.

According to a local police officer, G Venkatesan, there were reports from the pet owners of their cats missing. They immediately went to rescue the kidnapped cats. The rescued cats were then sent to the PFA shelter situated in the Red Hills. The cats are highly dehydrated and in deep shock. It will take almost a month for them to recover properly.

We all know of the mass culling of the dogs in China at the Yulin festival and strongly condemn it. However, if we glance at the situation of the animals in our country, we would realize that we need to bring the reforms from our country within.

Image Source : Times of India

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